How old must a student be to participate in the Corporate Work-Study Program (CWSP)? 

All students must be 14 years of age before they begin to work for a corporate sponsor. 

What type of jobs do students perform at the work site? 

Typically all students perform similar entry-level clerical duties: answering phones, sorting and delivering mail, scanning and faxing documents, data entry, filing, running office errands, and using Microsoft Office Software. Specific job descriptions do differ on a sponsor by sponsor basis. 

Do students get paid directly? 

The money that is paid by employers goes to the CWSP and not directly to the students. The money earned goes towards the student’s tuition. Some students have the opportunity on a sponsor-by-sponsor basis to work during school holidays: Christmas and Summer. CWSP manages the payment process during these breaks and the students will receive the monies earned during this extra work-time. 

How do the students get to work? 

On their assigned day, students will be transported to and from work by Cristo Rey CWSP. Most students arrive at their workplace at approximately 8:30 a.m. and are picked up at approximately 4:30 p.m., allowing for a full work day. 

Does the work schedule interfere with academic studies?

Schedules are structured so that students work without missing class. On school days, students attend school in an extended day formatto complete a full class schedule. 

Do all students go to work? 

All Cristo Rey Jesuit students must participate in the work-study program. CWSP is part of the curriculum and it finances nearly 70% of each student's education. 

Do students choose where they go to work?

After considering students' skill levels and interests and the skill set needed by our corporate sponsor, the CWSP team determines where students are placed. 

Is there a dress code?

Cristo Rey Jesuit students are held to strict standards. All students are required to wear their school uniform to work. Students must adhere to the dress code at all times. Dress code includes: dress shoes, khaki slacks, white button-down shirt/blouse, tie, and navy sweater. 

Who supervises Cristo Rey Jesuit students at the work place?

Students are assigned a supervisor at the work-site to receive instructions and obtain feedback on performance. Students do not have to work directly with their supervisor on their daily tasks. All disciplinary actions are conducted through CWSP staff. 

As a sponsoring business, what responsibilities do I have?

The 3 biggest responsibilities are: 
  • Provide a positive working environment for the student. 
  • Provide a supervisor(s) who believe in the program and the success of Cristo Rey kids. 
  • Provide meaningful work for the student and explain to them the importance of their role. 
If I have a problem with the student, do I deal with the student directly?

If there ever is an issue with a student at the work place, you can deal with that student directly and/or you can contact the CWSP Office. Students can be replaced if there are any issues. If this does occur, another student will be substituted. 

What are the expectations of students in the CWSP? 

Students are expected to meet or exceed the level of professionalism and dedication demanded of their adult colleagues at the work place.

How are students prepared for their work-study jobs?

New students attend a rigorous four week summer training initiative includes courses in telephone and computer skills, office machines and filing, public speaking and team building, importance of first impressions, business ethics and etiquette, and professional dress. Returning students attend an intensive two week refresher course before the school year begins.

What are the advantages of hiring a Cristo Rey Jesuit student? 
  • Many businesses hire students to work additional hours over summer and winter breaks.
  • The Corporate Work-Study team handles all personnel concerns immediately.
  • Since students are employed by the Corporate Work-Study Program, businesses save money on taxes, health benefits, and other expenditures.
  • Supporting your local community
  • Bring diversity to your work place 
Is it possible to hire the students for school breaks?

Yes, it is possible to hire the students during school breaks (Christmas and Summer). Since CWSP operates like a staffing agency, CWSP handles the pay to the students which students receive directly for any extra work they do. 

Are there any child labor issues? 

No, The U.S. Department of Labor has granted all of the school in the Cristo Rey Network an exception to the U.S. minimum employment age standard of 16 years of age whereby sponsoring employers may hire students who are 14 years or older.